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WHY have maintenance done?

HVAC systems are an investment you should take care of. Having regular maintenance done prolongs the life of the equipment and can prevent service interruptions because a technician can find issues before they cause outages. If your system isn't running properly it can sometimes lead to more costly repairs or high power bills. It is also often a contingency of the warranty coverage provided by the manufacturer.

WHAT is done during a maintenance?

On all of our maintenances we perform the same multi-point system inspection checklist that includes:

  • flush drain lines

  • measure volts/amps

  • check condition of filters*

  • test refrigerant pressures

  • clean indoor and outdoor coils

  • check operation of indoor and outdoor motors

  • check all indoor/outdoor wiring and electrical connections

  • clean inside of outdoor unit and remove debris

  • clean flame sensor if applicable

  • measure temperature and peformance

  • test operation of drain pan and safety switches

*filters not provided

*applicable items above performed on mini-splits

HOW MANY options are there?

We offer 1 Year and 2 Year Preventative Maintenance Agreements for a significant amount in total savings over individual tune-ups!* The 1 Year Plan includes 2 visits over approximately 12 months and the 2 Year Plan includes 4 visits over approximately 24 months. 


Our pricing is very straight forward. We do not offer priority service gimmicks or discounts on parts as part of our Preventative Maintenance Plans. This is because every customer is a priority to us and we're not going to tell you to replace parts you don't need and then add that discount into the part markup. 


Please call/text for pricing! (804) 557-4822

*Commercial Maintenance is available at an hourly rate or we can complete a custom Maintenance Plan estimate based on your commercial needs.

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